CAD Design Advice

For the new game i want to design a potenial prototype in CAD. I have good knowledge on Autodesk Inventor I was wondering how to go about that and what advice you would all have.

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I’ve just started cadding robots as well. All you really need is basic knowledge of assemblies and a good part library. Try to get a library with circular holes inside the square ones, it makes mating parts so much easier. It’s also fairly time consuming, but definitely worth it.

Where can these circular-holed parts be found?

I got some if you want. I posted them somewhere else a while ago, I’ll see if I can find where…

please do! id like to CAD a robot for my team, and any parts to make it easier would help

If you can, that would be pretty helpful. I’ve had a little trouble with joints when the holes are square.

This paper has information and links about CAD modeling. The library with circular features is one I created for Solidworks. AutoCAD libraries have something similar called imates.CAD for VEX Robotics.pdf (199.4 KB)

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Here you are, I didn’t make this, I got it from @Sylvie but here it is


This is awesome (he says not having opened it) the square holes with rounded corners in the other libraries make assembly a nightmare.

no problem! It helps a ton.