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Hi guys. I have no idea how to start cad using the main vex robotics link for V5. Does anyone know? If so can you send me a link plz. Using the tools above the forum to look at different robotics levels would be the best. Thanks

Some general points about CAD.

Vex has STEP files for products posted in the product pages for download. For example:

CAD software is required, and education licences can be found for free. The team I mentor uses Autodesk Inventor, but there are other options out there.

A relatively powerful computer is needed to run these programs well. For example the Inventor requirements/recommendations can be found here:

Using a CAD program to build a robot is not easy if you are just getting started and have no previous experience with it. It will be slower than building a robot until you spend the time to learn and become proficient with CAD.

Hopefully that gets you started, feel free to ask lots more questions.


Yeah. I have no idea how to start a project on inventor or on fusion. I am also wondering if any of them use virtual vex parts

If you want to use Autodesk Fusion 360 there is some good Youtube videos to get you started. You probably want to get familiar with the CAD program you choose first before trying to build a robot.

Here is a link to a Youtube video that will help if you choose Autodesk Fusion 360:

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Vex also has this curriculum on their website for Inventor. I haven’t used it personally, and it has been around for years.

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Thank you so much guys. This helped a lot!

Here is the link to download the virtual VEX parts:

If you want a specific part you can download specific files from the products page:
Once you clicked on a specific product, you need to scroll down to the description and there should be a tab next to the description with all the CAD files for that part.

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Hi, I decided to use fusion and now I am curious how you download the edr parts?

You can go to the vex website and each product has downloadable CAD files at the bottom of the page. You will then want to upload the files to fusion.

You could do that, but a better use of your time would be to find and download a library of parts, that way you can save yourself about 500 trips to the vex website.

Here is a link to a parts library for Fusion 360 from VEXU team OSU. I found that link in @kmmohn’s document CAD for VEX Robotics, which is a good overview of the topic.


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