Cad Download For Inventor

Where can I find a cad for the Turing Point field that can be opened in Inventor?

If you look at the Turning Point Field product page, there’ll be a section called CAD Files or something similar with the download link to it.

I had already tried this. I downloaded the cad file from this link:

The file could not be opened in Inventor.

Did it download as a .STEP file? Is so I can convert it to an inventor assembly and repost it up here

Inventor should be able to natively open .STEP files without converting to an assembly file.

I was just asking as when I downloaded it it came as a step file and I put it into fusion. I don’t use inventor that much to VEX

Make sense. Just wanted to put that out there just as extra information. :slight_smile:

The download was a .STEP file.

You should be able to natively open it in Inventor. You should be able to press open, then it pops up search browser change the bottom left corner to .step files to search and you should be able to open field. If not I can post my copy of field as an inventor file

I tried following your instructions but it did not work. Can you post the field cad as an inventor file?

I will convert it now

@Naman let me know if this works. All of the field and game objects were too big to upload directly to forum so I will but it on this mediafire

@brad4478 Thanks!