CAD Drive + Lift Designs Library

Hi everyone,

To help with both new and experienced teams, I have begun to compile a library of CADed drive designs (lift designs coming in future) in which after each design is finished, pictures and the source file will be uploaded for all to use.

At the moment I’ve only CADed 3 drives so far, but have many more planned and am also hoping that you all could help me too!

There’s a few ways you could help; either by replying below with both drive and lift design ideas of which I will CAD with the best of my ability (I’ve got 2 years experience), or if you’d like you could send me photos of your robots drive or lift design of which it would make it much easier for me to CAD it.

As I said earlier, I’ve only just begun with some drive designs, but I do intend to create some lift designs too.

The main reason behind this project of mine is to make it easy for all teams to develop robots with a large range of basic designs all at their fingertips. I will not be making more than one CAD design if the two ideas are similar, these designs will only be to show a simple version of a specific drive or lift of which other teams can modify it to their own liking.

I haven’t gotten the details sorted of where this library will be stored. I will update this thread when it is sorted.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions regarding this project, feel free to message me :slight_smile: