We haven’t ordered our VEX EDR kit yet and i wanted to familiarise myself with the pieces and to try out some of the ideas that I had. What is the best way to make CAD for VEX EDR? Thanks.

My team uses Inventor with a student license. Some teams also use SolidWorks. There aren’t many other great softwares for CAD.

Do you know any ones that we don’t need to pay for?

You can get autodesk inventor for free if you get it with a student login. It is what i use and it does a great job for being able to build bots on a CAD software.

So, would my school have to set it up or is it possible for me to login another way?

You can set it up easily by yourself. :slight_smile: Here’s the link:

Sign up with your email, and voila.

You can also get a free Solidworks license for your team or use OnShape, which is free by default.

Oh @Barin , how do you do get SW for free? Sponsor?

@Yerayrobotics , you can sign your team up by going to . You do this every year around June 1, and get a serial number good until July 31 of the following year. It costs nothing, and gives your students exposure to multiple CAD platforms.

Awesome thanks!

Thanks so much!