CAD File Conversion

Does anybody know of any good CAD file converters? Specifically, I need to have a converter that goes from STEP to STL, but the discussion can go beyond that.

I heard that FreeCAD can do file conversion, but I couldn’t figure it out.


do you have access to autodesk inventor?

if you do then you can open a STEP file in inventor and then save it as an stl

For any soildworks files, you can use solidworks edrawings. It allows you to view any solidworks file as well as save it to .STL.

Is the for 3D printing by any chance?

It is not.

Incidentally, my club gave up and downloaded the student edition of Autodesk Inventor Professional, but I was wondering if BRL-CAD is a good idea. I know the files are a bear to get converted from .step to .g and the program itself has something of a learning curve, but can anybody think of any other objections? Or is this too obscure a program?