CAD file download trouble

I’m trying to download the supplied CAD files in product descriptions, however when I try to find a file location, my Autodesk Inventor application does not show up as a possible destination. Do I have to process the file through a third party application or is there an error on my end?

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The files on the VEX website are .STEP files; for producing assemblies in Inventor you probably want .ipt files. You could manually produce .ipt files from VEX .STEPs individually, but a better bet is to download an existing VEX library, of which several are available. Here’s one I found by doing a quick search, or you can find others by searching the forum for something like “inventor library”.


Here is an updated parts list I made Tower Takeover CAD Models + Updated Parts Library


Thank you very much! I did a bit more research and found the 2016 version but this is very helpful, thank you.