CAD File Error


I just started to use CAD. I’m currently trying to make a simple H base but whenever I try to place omniwheels i get an error saying that it couldn’t be placed due to faulty sub-assemblies. I’ve tried to look for different omniwheel files but I can’t find any so far. It’s not just the wheels but any assembly that i try to input (individual parts are placed with no problem).


What CAD software are you using


Inventor 2017


Not sure about how inventor works since i use solidworks, but if i was in this situation i would just create a cylinder that matches the radius and thickness of the wheel


If you are placing the assembly of an omniwheel, make sure you also have the parts of the omniwheel downloaded and placed in the same directory (subfolders and such) as the omniwheel’s assembly.
If that doesn’t help:

Here’s the omniwheel file that I use (I use Inventor 2018)
This is the assembly file ^
These are the parts for omniwheel assembly.
You will need to download all of the files, and after downloading them, you would have to put all of the files in the same directory (same folder)