CAD file for VEX IQ Joystick Only

Does anyone have the CAD file for the vex IQ controller joystick, I have checked the Website and snapcad and the file is only an exterior Mesh, not the actual Components that can be converted into an STL.

SnapCAD files are not real useful except for withing SnapCAD. What’s available from VEX Robotics is a .stp file: (4.6 MB) which you can import into any commercial CAD software.

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if you look at my post i said that i had already tried using that

We intentionally simplified the public CAD release to be a solid body, so as to consume a lot less computer resources, while still allowing advanced users to design and 3D print custom exterior add-ons (like what some VRC teams are using now).

If you would like the CAD file for the mid-generation update we did to the VEX IQ Controller two years ago (denoted by the dimpled thumbsticks and VEX IQ logo on top instead of just VEX), I have attached that here. This attached STEP file should import as a proper solid file (rather than surface mesh) in your CAD software, so it should be easy to convert to STLs.

We’ll get this updated CAD file updated onto the website next week. :slightly_smiling_face:

228-2530 (5.7 MB)


The official VEX shop website download link is dead so this is very helpful. thanks!

Dude, this thread is kinda dead @DRow

Download link works fine for me?