Cad files for 4 inch omni

Does anyone have the cad files for the 4inch omni’s

If you go to the product page on, for example here: You’ll find the download of the current CAD for parts. Import the .step file into your CAD program and save it in the format appropriate for your particular software.

If you’re running Solidworks, there is a solidworks format file in this library:

For Autodesk software, someone else will have to chime it, as I only use Solidworks.

If you go to this page, you can find a kit of parts for Fusion 360 and Inventor. The STEP files on every part page work fine, but they often take longer to import.

One warning though, the 2" screw is modeled incorrectly as 1.5" for Fusion IIRC, so you might have to fix that.

In Autodesk you can place a .STEP into your assembly, Inventor (not sure about Fusion) will trigger a extra dialogue box for a few configuration options (like where to save the .ipt or .iam file after converting)