CAD Files for Aluminum Stage Manufacturing

Please post files or directions to the CAD files for aluminum stage manufacturing that Mr. Copioli spoke about at 2018-19 EP Summit.

Here are the files for the competition field riser. Thees are 3x3 sections meant for the 12x12 field. These are the actual files we use for production, including the drawings we use to do in station checks for the bent parts. You can easily modify these for shorter risers as they are the actual SolidWorks files. You can also, with some more effort, modify the panels and the rails for 2x2 sections to work better with VEX IQ.

These files are posted here as-is. There is no support for these models from VEX. Additionally, these come with the same free use license as our curriculum. Meaning, you can use it but are not allowed to sell it. to others. You want to sell it, then come up with your own design.

276-3008 BOM_Rev1.xlsx (11.4 KB)
276-3008 (308 KB)
276-3008 (5.89 MB)

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