CAD Files

Where can I find the files for each VEX EDR piece so i can use it to make models of my robot.

Go to each of the parts on the Website and at the bottom you can find the downloads for each part.

Thanks @Gameon2546 , is there anywhere that I could find them all together? In one folder?

Not that i know of. It’s a long and annoying process to have to download and label each file. It’s extremely helpful though once you do it.

@Gameon2546 thanks again!

So members of the community have put every cad file into large libraries. What CAD software are you using?

Just scroll down and you’ll see a zip of all the parts for Inventor and Fusion 360.

That would have been good to know instead of spending hours labeling each part separately

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Thanks so much.
and @tabor473 I use Autodesk Fusion 360 (only because for some reason the installation fails whenever I try to download Inventor - if you know how i can fix this pls help)

Whenever I download a CAD file from the VEX online store it downloads it as a text file? Could someone please explain to me on how I should fix this?
Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 15.16.40.png

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@Shunkansen the files download as [name].STEP.txt
You can just delete the “.txt” part from the name and that will get you your .step file

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@jannis Thank you for your response. I tried that but it refuses to delete the .txt from the name

If you use solidworks, i would recommend this library, everything has been made into part files

I believe it will work for autodesk series, just mating the parts may be a little different. The library has circular holes engraved into the square holes to make mating easier for solidworks

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@ItsAlex Thank you for sending the recommendation, it worked really well.

I just uploaded a SolidWorks model of the V5 Clawbot to Grabcad.

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