CAD for IQ 18 tooth beval gear

Hi everyone, my team is currently designing an IQ robot on fusion 360 for the season slap shot, but we couldn’t find the CAD for the 18-tooth IQ beval gear, is it possible that someone send me a file of the CAD of that gear, that would be great help for my team, thanks to everyone that could help us.
Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 6.47.31 AM

Howdy @Elon, the CAD file for the 18-tooth IQ bevel gear, as well as mostly all of the other IQ parts can be found in this article from the VEX Library. Download the zipped folder, and the 18-tooth bevel gear you are looking for is there! It’s name in the folder is “18 Tooth Bevel Gear (228-2500-244)”