CAD Issue regarding 2-D remnants

[FONT=“Verdana”]We’re having a little problem when it comes to the parts that we cut in AutoDesk Inventor Professional 2016. We successfully cut them and integrate them into our design but we haven’t found how to get rid of the 2-D remnants of the part. Whenever we add the 2-D Sketch lines into our design we see the following:[/FONT]

[LEFT][FONT=“Verdana”]Germán Villalongo
Intrabot President & Founder

You need to make the sketches you added to the parts invisible.

The easiest and quickest way to turn sketches on/off is to press the F10 key.

Or you can go in and edit the sketches. I have OCD when it comes to making things clean in CAD, so every time I cut a part I edit the sketches, surface extrusions and imates just to make sure everything is exactly perfectly correct. lol, me.