CAD model of 536C

Here is a link to 536C designed in Inventor. The video took over 18 hours to render on a i7 with 8 gbs of ram. The quality did not even look good. I has streaks in it.
If anyone has ideas to make my computer render faster for future versions please post them. Do not post: render it in lower quality, use a lower frame rate, make a shorter video etc.
Also does anyone know how to make a rotation happen in inventor studio so I can make the arm go up and down? I know how to have the elevator go in and out by driving the constraint, but I cannot drive a rotational constraint.

536C SMC.bmp (16 KB)

That does seem a little slow. I just tried a test render of a model I’m working on, it took 54 seconds for a 1024x768 image. Your animation was 30 seconds long, so 900 frames (assuming 30fps), that’s about 72 seconds per frame. However, my model has 988 parts currently vs the 110 in yours. I also rendered on a 3 year old Macbook Pro running inventor under parallels so you really should be quicker.

Post some details of the exact settings you used, the lighting setup, frame size etc. Did you render to a sequence of images and then create the movie or straight to a compressed video? I always render to an uncompressed image sequence first but it depends on what software you have available to make the video.

Create an angle constraint between the arm and some other fixed part and then drive the angle.

The translation time between the frames was what took most of the time. It only uses 1 of my 8 cpu cores for the translation, while the rendering uses all 8 cores. I also do not have a graphics card. (I didn’t want to pay over $500 more for a computer with one)

I will try this, Thanks