CAD of field and sacks

Does anyone know where I can find CAD drawings of the new field, and the game objects too?

Go to the Sack Attack VEX Wiki page, and download Appendix A. After extracting the files, just open the “Field CAD Files” folder, and by opening “276-2274-000.stp” in a CAD program, it should be the entire field.


Thanks. :smiley:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Be warned that the field is on it’s side though. :rolleyes: Not sure why, but it is.

Simply change the UCS then. Define the top and the front. Easy stuff :smiley:

  • Andrew

P.S. If you dont know how, and your using Inventor. Simply right click the cube and go down where it says “define…” (forget exactly what it say) But basically you can define the top and the front of the model. Making it much easier to work with. :D.

I know. :wink: I’m just not sure if MetalJacket325 does or not. Thats all.

Yeah, I’m pretty new to Inventor (just downloaded it the other day) but I do know how to assign sides. Thanks fo the warning though:)

right click the UCS cube in the top right. Then click on something that says something along the lines of “set as” Should give your choices: Top and Front.

Sorry I dont have exactly what it says I don’t have Inventor at work! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Andrew