CAD of my new robot

I used 24C cad library.
4 high speed motors for drive
4 low speed motors for lift and toss up and high hang with a large ball
2 high speed motors for roller

I don’t see anything right now for large balls? Not added or are you not picking them up?
Looks good.

It can pick large ball with the roller and the back plate

Nice work string. :slight_smile: Have you slowed down the drive speed versus the previous “skeleton” robot, because it seemed more like 2.0:1 drive ratio (in the video footage)?

Cheers, Paul

hi,I am not string… I am DDB(Nicholas), the driver of team 7973A in world championship, and I use string’s account to post something. This cad is just my ideal. Our team gave up the skeleton robot because its function is too simple and they designed another type of robot which can hang can throw large ball…(I quitted the team because I am 12th grade student and I need prepare for my application of university) now string is in the team 7856A and 7856A has a better driver than me. I made the cad during my free time for fun. Our new robot is slower than before. It is as fast as the robot which I brought to the world championship.


If the new driver for 7856A is better than you, then that driver must be very, very good. We also have a new driver. Some say he can beat 100 points in robot skills…

Well done on the CAD, looks great. :slight_smile: So the CAD design is your concept and has not been built yet? Do you think it will be built into a robot?

Cheers, Paul

I do not have enough time to build it into a real robot. I think I will design some new robots after I finish my applications. Your driver can achieve 100 points?! Awesome !

This was hilarious! :smiley:
Top Gear Driver

Some say he only knows 2 facts about ducks and they are both wrong.