CAD software help

I have been trying to download CAD software from autodesk they have two options the first is inventor pro, the second is Fusion 360 3D CAD built for the Cloud which one is better?

I’d recommend inventor. Personally, I feel like it’s way easier to put stuff together in inventor than in fusion

If you are trying to CAD your robot, Inventor is the way to go. For designing parts from scratch, I prefer F360, it runs better and has native keyboard shortcuts for the most common tools (I haven’t used Inventor in a while, it might now too).

Definitely Inventor.

thank you this helps me a lot

I like Fusion 360 when my robot needs custom parts. I enjoy much more Solidworks when assembling my whole robot. It’s intuitive and simple in my opinion.

That is true, if you can get your hands on a solidworks education key, that is probably the best of both worlds, if you only want one piece of software.

The attached document has useful information about CAD software, including how to get a Solidworks sponsorship for your team.
CAD for VEX Robotics.pdf (191 KB)