CAD: Solid C-Channels

I use Fusion 360 for my CAD work and I want to replace my c-channels with solid ones without holes. Is there somewhere where I can find this part?

Any help is appreciated.


Using parametric CAD (like Solidworks or Fusion) is a 2-step process. Make parts (or download libraries of premade parts), then assemble the pre-made parts. While most vex parts are available in libraries, special parts like what you’re looking for must be either created new or modified from existing parts.

A C-channel without additional features is a simple extruded part. You’ll start a new part, make a sketch of the cross section, and extrude it to the length you want. Save the new part with a descriptive filename, and then you can use it in your assembly. Here is a link to one of many videos that might be of help: