Cad STL Library

Hey, So I was having a hard time finding a good V5 STL Library, so I made this, let me know if there is anything that needs added

a link to the library would probably be useful.


I back this motion.
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I am wondering what CAD software you are using that you need STLs for.


Are you trying to print the parts because that’s what stl files are used for. And you also need to link the file download so people can use it not just state that you made one. @ShipBreakerRich

Sorry It is taking me a sec to figure out how to post the Library… It is telling me that because I am a “New User” I cant upload anything. I think Im good to post a Drop Box link to it… So here you go:

Again it does not contain Everything, but it does have the electronics. And most of the metal components you need. Let me know if you need anything else on it, and I will eventually get around to adding it.

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