CAD with iMates?

So recently I downloaded Autodesk Inventor and a VEX CAD part library. What I found is that the 1x3 C-channel doesn’t have iMates. Does anyone know of a good library that has iMates for most of its parts?
And, does anyone know of a good VEX CAD tutorial or something?


I’d check @Cody for the tutorial. As for the CAD’s, look on the VEX website.

I made some in the Build a Bot series, one of the later videos. It isn’t hard, just really annoying.

is there a way to activate the Imates ? I did create iMate for a standoff. I’m just hoping theres a way to do all of the parts at one time.

Haha, no.

thanks. glad I can amuse you. I thought so but wanted to be sure.