Cage Bot Matches!

It’s been an exciting Live Remote VEX Worlds so far! So I think it’s time to see some cage bots! Post your favorite cage bot match timestamps and list the team like this:

If you are on Computer, just right-click the video and click ‘Copy Video URL at Current Time’`.

If you are on mobile, append: ?t=, the amount in hours: 4h, minutes: 20m, and seconds: 10s at the end of the URL like this (?4h20m10s): This takes you to 4 hours, 2 minutes, and 10 seconds into the video.

Post them here by formatting the link like this:
[10851B Epic Cage Bot!!!](

The end result should look like this: 10851B Epic Cage Bot!!!

Alrighty! Let’s see some cage bots!!!


It will never get old!

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23880E Science B QF #4-1

As far is I can tell, this is the highest score thus far at worlds at 204 points.


I agree! Cage bots are such an exciting and weird twist of the LRT format!



This truly was an incredible display of the potential of cage bots!

Go click a link that ends with XcQ yourself.

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