Calculating the speed of your base

I’m graduating this year, so I wanted to share a website that helped me a lot while choosing which gear ratio, motor cartilage, wheel size, etc to use when building my base. I didn’t see any other treads talking about this, but I know I found this very helpful back 3 or 4 years ago when I didn’t know how to calculate anything to save my life.

This is the website/online calculator
:link: RPM Calculator - RPM to mph

It’s not a perfect calculator, as it doesn’t consider the weight of the robot or the weight distribution, but it can help teams figure out the right specifications (gear ratios, etc) of their base. If someone would’ve shown this to me back Turing TT I would’ve been really happy to see it, so I’d like to pass it along. The website also gives the formula to calculate the speed of the base, which I’ve used in my notebook ever since. Judges seem to like it :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ve used similar sites and they come in handy for making sure that a motor will lift something or will be fast enough when designing a robot. Congrats on graduation. Gl in college or whatever you choose to pursue.