California mid state starstruck tournament

California mid state starstruck tournament!

Woo! It was fun watching the competition from the comfort of my house. Thanks for running the livestream @Cory !

54:55 - “This is why they named this game starstruck, because the stars get stuck.”
LAMO!! here are the eleminations

were there any other designs at this tournament other than lifts? Catapults maybe? I didn’t look through the entire video…

One of the robots honestly looked like it came from toss up

Which robot at which time of the video are you referring to?

The one holding the cube on the red alliance at 1:22:58 of the first video.

The side rollers look similar to a lot of toss up designs that I have seen

No catapults, it was mainly back dumpers, forward dumpers, claws, and one side roller.

Did anyone record the 68 point skills run, because thats unbelievable.

Who had a 68 point skills run?

How is it unbelievable?
EDIT: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
To clarify, I got a 53 point robot skills and a 15 point programming skills, adding up to 68.

I think He’s just saying how amazing that is

Off the top of my head, I believe the theoretical maximum is 80, so 68 points in a single run would be very impressive this early in the season.

It’s less impressive (but still sizable) in 2 runs.

Its 76 given that there is no auton bonus for skills run.