California State Championships

Hi, I have some questions about the California state championships?

Its split up into Norcal and Socal this year, 16 spots are given to each region, so how are these going to be delegated? According to the qualifying criteria there will be 3 team alliances and the semifinalists, excellence, design, robot skills, programming skills champions will qualify for worlds from each region, is that correct? Also if a team qualifies for both Nocal and Socal can they go to both? It seems unfair because one is earlier than the other by 1 month.

Also does Norcal and Socal count as different regions in California, as in if we are reading the qualifying criteria when we see teams are region locked does that mean Norcal can’t qualify through Socal and Socal can’t qualify through Norcal?

They aren’t locked as far as I know, since some socal teams are going to go to norcal states thru our last event of the year!