California State -Live Stream?

Hello vex community,
I was wondering if there will be a live stream of the California State Championship today and/or tomorrow. If there is could someone please post the link ?

I looked on and I couldn’t find a link for high school or middle school.

Is that for high or middle school?

Is anyone else having difficulties getting the live stream to work from that link?

He said that was the link to the stream. He never said that link worked or had anything on it.

Also is there any reason that they aren’t uploading results to robotevents?

Can I upvote?

@ Vex Raptors

I know it’s really annoying and also that the stream didn’t work

Since this stream didn’t work, anyone have finals videos or skills scores from CA State?

Aaron Lucas on youtube uploaded several eliminations rounds. Thats the captain of team 21 so only expect to see their matches.

well, not just our matches specifically but Spur-Flys matches in general.
we have Finals 2 but not 1, unfortunately. :confused:
and we definitely didn’t take a video of our skills, but it was nearly the same run as the one on aaron’s channel