Call of Duty 4 vs. Halo 3

I was just curious to see who likes to play COD4 or H3 more.

id rather battlefield heroes for free when it comes out :smiley:

but for now id have to say halo 3

im a big fan of halo, so id go with that. although my friends say that COD4 is amazing…

Castle Wolfenstine???

lol, get with the times old man -> jk

i actually enjoy some of the older games, i played ghosts and goblins on a legacy bringback game for the PS2 it was quite fun…addicting that’s for sure

in fact MarkO’s approach to video games isnt so bad :cool:

i cant really speculate much on this topic as dont hve an xbox or ps3

just an old ps2 with broken controllers

WHO you callin’ OLD!!! ->jk

I have a Game Cube (well my kids play one I bought), but I like DOOM or Quake… I have to admit, the new graphics are looking more and more like “Real Life”… It is Awesome!!!

I just don’t have enough time with a Full Time job and Vex and a family, to spend time playing Video Games…

:smiley: game cube is pretty cool and yes todays graphics are intense, its amazing the advancements 15 years have done

i have to say halo 3 but ive never played cod4 need to rent it but my friends say that cod4 it awsome

Halo 3. I played COD4 online a few times and it’s pretty darn amazing, but I play Halo a lot more.