Calling all Central Valley (CA) teams

A VRC Elevation competition is in the planning stages for Turlock, CA, targeting Sierra foothill & Central Valley teams from Sacramento to Fresno. The purpose is to provide a convenient and accessible place for Valley teams to compete. Probable date is Dec. 6. Please PM or e-mail me if you are interested.

This event is now official: Dec. 6 at Turlock (CA) High School. All teams from anywhere are welcome to apply. More details are available at the official events website at:

The latest word is that this event is FREE!! Y’all come!

I’ve received some communication indicating that my post was misunderstood. The tournament fee for this event is free, but you still have to be a VRC registered team, which costs $75 for the first team, $25 for each additional team from the same school or location. Still a good deal.

Is there any current central valley events open, or teams thinking of holding a private scrimage for practice in that area?

Another possible Central Valley event is being discussed for Feb. 2010. Possibly at either Central Valley High School or at Modesto Jr. College. If there are scrimmages or open field days, I’ll try to keep you posted.

Did you know about the Nov. 21 (this year) event at Central Valley High in Ceres? It was originally scheduled for Oct. 31, then moved to the later date. The post you’re replying to is more than a year old.