Calling all students from Manassas City, Manassas Park, and Prince William County

Our team 66661A, The Innovators just started this year. We put a lot of effort into starting the team and proving that we are worth maintaining. :trophy: But we have a problem… we’re all seniors. If you’re interested in STEM and are attending a school in Manassas City, Manassas Park, or Prince William County, Virginia, it would be awesome for you to join our team! DM me for more information.
Our school is actually a magnet school that partners with George Mason University so you first have to apply to the Governor’s School @ Innovation Park. But if you’re interested, we will personally train you and have mini-scrimmages so that you can be successful for future competitions, :smile: Some perks to being in the team are: no team dues (everything is funded by the school including food, transportation, and lodging), flexible meeting dates, (mostly) student autonomy (you get to develop your budgeting skills, learn how to use different power tools, etc), having engineers and physics professors be availible (since they’re your teachers too).


Did you mean to put this in IQ? Probably want to move to EDR. You guys are waaaaay to old to do IQ!


Whoops! Thank you! :joy:

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