Camera mounted on robots

I’ve seen several teams mount cameras on their robot to get a good recording of the action from the robot’s point of view. My question is if it’d be legal to mount one on the robot that directly feeds an image to a computer or laptop.

Nope, not allowed to have a live video feed from the camera.

I’ve moved this out of the official VEX questions sub-forum. The VEX forum is for product questions, the Skyrise Q&A forum is for game questions. Since this has been asked and answered a lot of times over the last few years, I moved it here where the community can discuss it. In the event you want an official answer from the Game Design Committee you can re-post it in the Skyrise Q&A. Their answer in the past has always been, “you can have a camera on the robot to record video, but you cannot stream the output off the field.”

yeah it can’t feed directly into it b/c it would mess the game and cause disconnections you have to pull it from the memory card

oh, ok. just wanted to get a clarification. thanks!

I’m pretty sure the main reason is having a camera on your robot could give you an unfair advantage. Limited line of sight can be a problem when it comes to positioning robots to score or whatever and if you had a camera you would be able to see better.

Thanks for the clarification, we wondered about this all year.

True but that would be so cool OMG :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Even though we can’t do it, it would be cool if we could hook it up to an Oculus Rift or something and see everything from the robot’s point of view!

Thanks for putting this idea in my head. Now I need to get a Rift…

The dev Rift’s resolution is pretty low. I’ve tried it and it’s cool but it feels like you’re in a fuzzy dream than in real life IMO (don’t know it they have a newer better version out yet).

However on topic Fatshark sells FPV (first person view) goggles which are meant for driving robots in FPV (especially quad copters).

We did this once, one of our members is an RC hobbyist and has FPV equipment that we put on the robot so we could see what the robot was seeing =D

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Here’s a camera mounted on our robot back in Roundup for reference.

It wasn’t a live feed, we retrieved the video after the competition was over.