In other posts about wireless cameras, hooking it up to a TV is always mentioned. I don’t have a TV, and I was wondering if it is still possible for me to use a wireless camera for my VEX. If so, I would VERY much appreciate knowing what I would have to do to be able to use a one. This is in regard to driving the bot according to what the cam “sees” by remote.
Thanx. plz help!

Im not exactly sure of what you are thinking of. But if you mean that you want the robot to be controlled by something it “sees”, you can use a CMUcam.:slight_smile:

This would require another powersource and some finagling but it should fit the purpose.

sorry for being vague. I meant could you hook up the wireless cam to a computer for instance, so that you could see the picture from the cam without a TV. In other words, the cam would have two parts, the cam, and the reciever of the cams signal. Normally the signal reciever is hooked up to a TV. would it be possible to hook it up to a computer?

If you have a TV tuner in your comp you could just use one of the cams that hook up to the TV. If not there are a couple of wireless webcams now I think but they aren’t cheap.

ok, thanks!

Here’s a fairly cheap wireless webcam.