Would it be legal to have a camera on a tri-pod set up on the side of the field with a wire running back to a laptop at the driver station to have a better point of view of the field? just an idea :smiley:

Obviously not an official ruling, but there’s a ton of reasons this probably isn’t a good idea.

  1. Extra wires running around everywhere -> tripping/annoying
  2. Drivers are on one side of the field, refs are on two sides and the spectators look at the field from the last side so there really isn’t an open part of the field to put a tripod around
  3. Is it really that useful anyways?

I think Karthik recently ruled that attaching a gopro to your bot is legal, but it’s not legal to stream to a computer from the camera. Not quite the same scenario, but I guess you can infer whatever you want from that XD.

My money would be on “No.” If you want to ask, obviously feel free. But it represents an additional time sink for every match, and a tripping hazard for referees.

With all 4 teams on 1 side you will have room for a computer? I want to see this!

I have a 10", Windows 8 tablet. It weighs a quarter pound and is thinner than a standard composition book. We could do this no problem, just give it to the coach and have him show it to the drivers. I just think it’s going to be a problem to set up in regards to time.

Based on this thread, Anything giving feedback to the drivers would be illegal. Recording for later viewing is the only acceptable purpose for an on-board camera.

This is only my interpretation, but it seems like anything outside of the driver station that helps the drivers during matches would be illegal. Feel free to ask Karthik yourself, but I HIGHLY doubt it…


I referenced that earlier, but that ruling is for on-board cameras, and this camera is not on-board. The main difference, I think, is the rule about having a power source on the bot that isn’t a vex battery.

i did this setup at a small regional event of 10 teams, and it worked fine and there were no problems, but at an event of 40 teams it was too dangerous to do this … i simply put a Gopro on my robot now and watch the footage after the game

Karthik also made a ruling a few years back that no electronic devices would be allowed in the driver stations, even for something as simple as real-time scoring of the match.

EDIT: Here is the ruling by Karthik for Round Up. Even a calculator was deemed illegal for a coach to have during the match.


I will note, though, that for VEX U, there is a new ruling this year that allows electrical devices at the drive area. (Again, only for VEX U)

dont think you are allowed because a few years back, there was a team with teammates sitting in the front row “spotting” for the drivers “drive forward a bit more!, arm up!, etc” and the refs said that they were not allowed extra spotters because you already have 2 drivers and a coach (which are only allowed in the designated location)

not sure if this question is more pertaining to a team, or to an event organizer…

looking through the rule book for the toss up there seems to me that there are no rules against having electronic devices in the drivers station. also I remember a thread where some on asked if they could have a laptop in the station and I think it was allowed as long as all wireless coomunication was turned off does any one know where this is or am I just going crazy? :o

The thread you are looking for is :


thanks Stan :slight_smile: