A camera or video recorder that takes and sends pictures/video to a computer… maybe while reprogramming, or even simultaneously send footage to a PC or mobile device. Could be cool as a special attachment at worlds to see what the robots see in the final round. And it’d allow drivers of larger robots to see what is in front or inside the bot.

To start off vex had a camera.
I believe it was discontinued because of not enough demand and impractical.
You can do most of the things with a gopro they are a little bit pricey but if you already have one you can strap it on. Finally it is against the rules to stream vidoe off the robot.

Or we could get some more powerful processors to do vision tracking with the cameras…

A man can dream right?XD

During some of our practices, we attached a GoPro to our robot to record and take pictures for our school’s year book. I think you are treading on dangerous water with having a camera on your robot during an actual competition, as, if you are streaming, this may be considered a “Functional Aesthetic” and be illegal. I personally like seeing the POV of the robot but you must be careful when doing so.

You just show the refs that the wifi is off and then it can’t stream many people do this and it has been deemed legal.

Well, streaming might be a bit much, but a timed camera that could take pictures every 20 seconds or so during a match and then with VexNet upload the pics to a big finale at the end of the competition in a slideshow. Even put a new site up for photos worldwide.

The new Gopro Hero 4 Session would be great to use on robots, only weighing 74 grams, and is around half the size of the old GoPro cameras. 1080p@60fps, and you can set up a timelapse.

Just go on ebay and buy the old vex camera :smiley:

Firstly, please dont necropost on month old threads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Secondly, although you could do this, it is prohibited in competition or several reasons. Primarily because you have to stream video and that is illegal. According to rulings by Karthik:
A much better solution is to use a GoPro or similar camera with streaming/wifi turned off, as this has been deemed legal in the posts above.

The Xiaomi Yi would probably good for recording videos. This is as good as the GoPro Hero 3 Black (video quality) and weighs only 72 grams. The best price is here: ONLY $64. I would suggest this camera if anyone wanted a cheap option for their robot. The only problem I’ve had with it is that it got bricked about 2 months ago from an update but I fixed it with a 10 minute brick fix and it works fine now.