Looking for an inexpensive FPV camera system to mount to a vex robot. I have teams that compete in an ordinance disposal contest and have more robots than I do cameras. I have in the past used a system purchased from TETRIX that is now discontinued. Suggestions?

Depends on what you call an FPV camera. If composite output is all you need on the receiver side, get a pre-owned Vexplorer kit :wink:
If mobile phone as the display device is what you look for, V5 camera will be an option in few months.
Otherwise, plenty of RC stuff is available for cheap.

Comes to my mind, with ordnance disposal, your problem with “more robots” could soon be a history. Just send few of them on a mission w/o a camera (sorry, coudn’t resist).

@nenik you probably know this, but it’s a contest without actual live explosives. Though hot range work is more fun, those opportunities are more rare.

Also, the camera is essential; can’t do the work without one.

@kypyro Maybe there are refurbish kits for cheap drones with their little WiFi cameras that they could stick on their robots. I’m not sure how the connection and picture would turn out, but it could be a start.