Cameron 62 defense wins championships!

for @Cameron Schiller Congrats on the amazing performance at worlds!

~from Anthony Amoun/ Daniel B

I was surprised at how varying that robot’s performance was in the Round Robin… I think it had to do with how well the opponents were prepared to deal with it. In some matches, it cut down one of the opponent’s score by about half, which was far from enough to allow 929U to outscored the other alliance. In two of those matches, though… It sure made the other alliances look silly.

I had the honor of getting crushed by 62 and 929 in the round of 16. It was fun trying to do driver loads while getting rammed by an 8 motor base (they made it way harder than all other defensive bots I’d faced).

I thought they would go on and win worlds. I feel like they would’ve won their first two RR matches if they played again. Division champs is still really really good though. 62 was probably my favorite bot.

Wow, that video is amazing. Thanks :slight_smile:

I had so much fun at worlds this year, and I think it was the best way to end my hs career in robotics. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year the best one I have ever had.

Take a look at the science div elims, the robot works well when dumb luck stuff doesn’t happen like DC’s or cone jams.

Okay, interesting. I will probably take a look at a lot of matches ones they make their way onto YouTube. Congrats on a great season - and VEX career, if you aren’t doing VEXU.