CamStudio Help

OK, so I am trying to take a video of my desktop screen and be able to upload that video to YouTube. I have CamStudio installed, but I cannot figure out how to record it as a file that is compatible to be able to upload to YouTube. I also cannot find where it saved the video I took (If it recorded one at all).

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you all!

The default recording directory is (for win XP)


you can change this by using the following menu


camstudio is recording in .avi as the default, it can convert to flash (.swf) or use another external program to convert to an .mp4 or something like that, perhaps VLC. I do most of this type of work on a Mac so perhaps another Win32 expert could advise.

I just checked You Tube, and it looks like AVI files are an OK Format… ( At least the Upload Stated… ) You Tube will convert them to .FLV and .MP4…

You might also want to do some editing of the File, before Upload… Most recently I have used Ulead Video Studio, but I would think that Virtual-Dub would work fine on, since it supports .AVI files…