Can a double acting solenoid control 2 single acting pistons?

Can the solenoid that controls 1 double acting piston be used to control 2 single acting pistons? This would save the money of buying 2 single acting solenoids and 2 solenoid cables. If it matters, all that the pistons have to do is retract once per match, they start extended.

You can control both pistons by using one single acting solenoid and T-ing off the tube that is the output.

but they have to actuate at different times, one a little after the first

The problem with using a double acting solenoid is that only one of the pistons would be pressurized at any given time. If one of the pistons doesn’t need to be pressurized constantly, it would work.

oh ok, then it wouldn’t work.

It’s cheaper to buy the vex kit anyway in the end…

But if you insist, you MIGHT be able to achieve the delay you’re looking for with a large length of tubing before one piston but after the T, and just a short length on the other side of the t to the other piston. Kind of ridiculous compared to just using another solenoid though.

Yeah, and the delay would have to be different every time, if it actuated too early or too late, it wouldn’t work. I’ll just get single acting kits then.