Can a neutral mobile goal be taken off of a platform by the opposing alliance?

My team and I were wondering about if a neutral mobile goal can be taken off of a platform before it is balance. For example, say that a team is moving neutral mobile goals to their platform because it’s getting closer to the end of the match, could you be able to take them off of the platform if it is not in the balanced state? From what I have read, there is no clear definition on if you are able to or not. There really isn’t much said about the neutral mobile goals, or how mobile goals in general are scored in more minute details; especially when including the platform into the mix. Is there a clear answer that I have missed or is it something that needs to be looked into a little bit more?

Well, we should look at the game manual!

The basic rule of thumb is that if the game manual does not say you cannot do it, then you can do it. Within common sense.

The first question is: Is this happening in the last 30 seconds of the match?

If not, then the game manual doesn’t say anything about it, and thus it is legal.

If it is happening in the last 30 seconds, then the game manual is extremely clear on this. Take a look at SG3 and report back if you have more questions.


You are allowed to do anything to any goals on your opponent’s platform, even to their alliance goals, until the last 30 seconds, as long as you don’t violate any other rules, such as descoring rings from their alliance goals. You can also pivot their platform when they are parked on it, as long as it’s not in the last 30 seconds. But if doing so, be mindful that they aren’t at risk of tipping because that could be a violation.


Ok thanks. That helps a lot with strategy. Would there be a reason that this could change in the up coming rulebook update?

not likely, there isn’t really any ambiguity or issues when it comes to that aspect so there’s no good reason to make any changes.

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We just need to pin the manual pdf to the top of the forums at this point honestly.


…and perhaps the thing that pops up suggestions for existing posts that might have addressed a given point being typed as a new post could be expanded to search the manual and appendix pdfs?


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