Can a non-school group enter contest?

Do you have to be part of a public, private, or charter school to compete in the Middle school and high school competition or can a group that’s not associated with a school enter?

I know that homeschool teams can enter, so I would assume you don’t have to be affiliated with any school.

Ok another question…If a team has a 3-digit team number does that mean that their team has been in place for a long time? Or are the team numbers just randomly assigned when you register your team for the first time?

Somewhere in between. When you register you can ask for any not taken number. I registered team 69 this year even though there have been 22000 teams since VEX started. It is slightly more likely given the number 500 and 5000 that 5000 is a newer team.

VEX Team Virus is a community team sponsored by Monroe County Community College: we have 2 HS teams, 3 MS teams, and an elementary IQ Team. So school affiliation doesn’t matter. At the events we host, we usually have at least one or two “family” teams…so no, you don’t have to be affiliated with a specific school.

Numbers are chosen by the team, as long as the number is open. So, unlike FRC where you can kind of tell how new a team is…not so for VEX.

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You definitely do not have to be directly affiliated with a school. The divisions are by the ages kids would be in those school grades.

Numbers I don’t think have been recycled yet. At the start there seemed to be ranges for regions or an effort to align with FRC numbers you may have already had.

They also used to give out numbers for robots and not do letters way long time ago which quickly used up numbers. So they wisely minimized handing out numbers.

Go here to poke around looking at teams. You can see a few years of history in here but not too too far back.

ok that answered all of my questions. We played in a tournament this weekend and the team that won was a team that has never done vex and they had only been building since December. We are playing in another tournament next weekend and it is suppose to be a rookie tournament(3 years or less of vex) and this same team is going to be there. I was just surprised that a young team had such a great bot!

Do they have some experience elsewhere? We’re not the only game in town.

Or do they look for great robots posted on this site and have a nice copy to start? A nice accurate puncher can score pretty high, and you don’t really need much else to be reasonably competitive.

Care to share where you are from to see how well this team has scored compared to others?

they were consistently getting 250+ in qualifying rounds and all the way through the finals. They got 360 in driving skills. We are in Texas.

I am going to assume they got 341.

6 341 360 Enderphase Evan’s Garage Garland Texas VEX Robotics Competition High School
Team 360 scored 341 and won the tournament . Top skills team in Texas.

My team is homeschool only. We have been doing VEX for 6 years.

My team is affiliated with a non profit company.

Hi, I was just browsing the forums and came across the thread. Just to clarify we are an independent team that formed in late December with 5 members from 2 previous teams. Between us, we have been competing for many years and have multiple years of world championship experience. There is no specified criteria for a team to register with REC, but the majority of Vex teams are school based. We were genuinely surprised when 360 was available to register under and took it. As said earlier, generally lower numbers are older teams due to the fact that many teams like to choose small numbers, making them rare to come across. We’ve opted out of the Cumby tournament and instead registered for the CIE competition on the same day. Hope this helps with both your question and our background!

Seems that it was answered right above here. ^^^^^^^

How do we mark an entry as answering the thread? It’s a super-group from previous vex teams working together. Ironically the team ahead of him in the world standings is of similar make up.