Can a one person team enter the Autodesk Fusion 360 Online Challenge?

There is a requirement in the challenge that says your video must show how team members collaborated with each other using fusion 360. Obviously, as one person, I dont have any team members to collaborate with.

Does anyone know if I would run into any problems with this?


I don’t believe that being a one person team should pose any challenges, but I think that in the mindset of a juge, seeing team members work together would be nicer than seeing one person work alone. It kind of feels like the lesser equivalent of working alone on a team with many other members.

That said, there are many skills atributed to each. Working together shows collaboration and the ability to work well with others. Working alone shows time management and independece.

I think that if you make something good enough, it doesn’t matter whether you worked with others. Don’t know if that helped but that’s just my opinion o the matter at hand.


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