Can a part of a robot break the plane of the field when in the starting position?

That is, can a part of the robot hang over the field at the starting position?

Take a look at the game manual (, specifically the criteria of G5. Remember, if the manual doesn’t prohibit something, then it is legal.


Also might be helpful to give this Q&A a read


Yep…just an official RTM answer for the very same question! But it’s not uncommon in IQ for coaches to try to apply past years’ criteria to the current game…especially since so many IQ coaches are just getting started.

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Actual image* of @kmmohn responding to a forum post with RTM.


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G5 states that the robot must fit within the sizing box, and that a part of it must contact the wall, but nothing is said about hanging over the field. If the manual doesn’t say something is illegal, then its legal.

So basically, RTFM

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