Can a pre-load touch the goal zone? (Tower Takeover)

My students are debating, and I can’t find any objection in the manual - can they put their preload in the goal zone, so long as it is touching their bot at the start?

SG1 Starting a Match. Prior to the start of each Match, the Robot must be placed such that it is:
a. Contacting the field perimeter wall on the side that coincides with their Alliance’s Goal Zone and
Alliance Station.
b. Contacting a foam field tile.
c. Not contacting a Tower.
d. Not contacting any Cubes other than the Preload.
e. Contacting a Preload.
f. Not contacting a Goal Zone or a Barrier.
g. Not contacting another Robot.

  1. The Preload must be contacting exactly one (1) Robot.
  2. The Preload must be fully within the field perimeter.

Is there any rule that says the preload can’t be inside the goal zone?

Obviously it would need to meet the conditions above, and the robot cannot be touching the goal zone or the barrier, but that’s not hard to arrange.

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Even if it can, why wouldn’t you just back up and move fwd to score 1 cube? that also has a 100 percent consistency rate.

not necessarily. we had a one cube auton at our last event, we lost once because the cube balanced on it’s edge. its more likely than you’d think, it happened twice in 8 qual matches. also this could be faster, a good way to get one more cube in auton maybe.


If a robot has a cube it is considered to be an extension of the robot, therefore it cannot be touching since it is considered as an extension

Can you cite your source please? It sounds plausible.

Found it, <G12.>

d. Game elements in possession of a Robot are an extension of that Robot…

But I’m not really sure how possession is defined for this game. That rule is the only place the term is used. Would touching really count?

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If you look at part d of g12 it states this

Don’t destroy other Robots. But, be prepared to encounter defense. Strategies aimed solely at the destruction, damage, tipping over, or Entanglement of opposing Robots are not part of the ethos of the VEX Robotics Competition and are not allowed. If the tipping, Entanglement, or damage is ruled to be intentional or egregious, the offending Team may be Disqualified from that Match. Repeated offenses could result in Disqualification from the entirety of the competition.
a. VEX Robotics Competition Tower Takeover is intended to be an offensive game. Teams that partake in solely defensive or destructive strategies will not have the protections implied by (see ). However, defensive play which does not involve destructive or illegal strate- gies is still within the spirit of this rule.
b. VEX Robotics Competition Tower Takeover is an interactive game. Some incidental tipping, Entanglement, and damage may occur as a part of normal gameplay without violation. It will be up to the Head Referee’s discretion whether the interaction was incidental or intentional.
c. A Team is responsible for the actions of its Robot at all times, including the Autonomous Period. This applies both to Teams that are driving recklessly or potentially causing damage, and to Teams that drive around with a small wheel base. A Team should design its Robot such that it is not easily tipped over or damaged by minor contact.
d. Game elements in possession of a Robot are an extension of that Robot. Therefore, Entanglement (e.g., grasping, hooking, attaching) with Cubes that are in the possession of an opposing Robot is a violation of this rule


since this is a subrule under G12, this leads me to think that this rule only is effective in matters concerning G12, not a universal rule. otherwise by that argument, your preload would count towards your size limit.


It might be important to note
G3 Use common sense. When reading and applying the various rules in this document, please
remember that common sense always applies in the VEX Robotics Competition.


That logic seems to make sense, but i looked on the q and a and someone asked this question By that logic it works, but I am going to continue to look at the rules.

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I found the answer

Preload – The Cube, one (1) per Robot, that must be placed on the field such it satisfies the conditions in SG1 prior to the start of the Match.
Note: The red Alliance always uses orange Cubes as their Preloads. The blue Alliance always uses green Cubes as their Preloads.

Based on the definition of preload it does not satisfy those conditions and therefore would be illegal

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As much as I want to click the solution button, doesn’t that just mean the conditions in SG1 that pertain to the preload?

I think it would count since it does not specify the preload conditions in sg1, but I would wait for the q and a to be 100% sure.

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