Can a student be on the drive team for a VEX IQ and VRC team?

Can a student be on the drive team for a VEX IQ and VRC team in the same year? If they wanted to help out with a team but not drive I don’t see a problem there, but after the conversation I just had with a friend I’m just not sure…

I was going to post on the Q&A but if there’s an obvious answer then I’ll save them the trouble. It a tough transition and I’d like to give the kids the option to split the difference for a year.


Perhaps this will help

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This was ruled legal in starstruck/crossover, and there’s no reason to think it shouldn’t still
be legal, since there are still no rules preventing it.

I did a search before I posted this. Can’t believe I missed it.

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There was this thread, too, although I’m not sure if it reached an official conclusion:

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That was only two months ago and I posted several replies on that one. I’m officially losing it.

But no, it doesn’t look like it was official. And there’s only one way to do that!


@sankeydd Admittedly, I scratched my head when I saw this question you posted, since you answered mine :slight_smile:

You are in charge of too many students, they suck ur brains out (but r worth it) :wink: