Can a team play up to next grade level mid season

For example, a team is registered as VIQC elementary school team, but the entire team wants to swtich to middle school division because they think it would be much easier to qualify for Worlds if they were in middle school division. Would they be allowed to do that? If so how would they do it? by registering a new team? If they were to register a new team, G4 says students can only play for one team for the season. On robotevents, I didn’t find anywhere to change the grade level of a team. Has anyone done something similar? Or this is not allow and the students have to wait for the next season?


I think you will need to talk to the Team Engagement Manager from your region about this one. My gut says that it’s probably not allowed, but I think you will need to talk to someone official at RECF to find out for sure.