Can a VEX motor overheat and stop?

Is it possible for a VEX motor to do that? Our team robot use to have motors that stopped (completely - no response at all) and worked again in like 10 seconds. We all believed it was because of the stress on the motor which led it to be overheated. However, I am not too sure, so here I am asking this question.

Yes, refer to

Yes it can, a bot almost caught on fire at our last comp.

Uhhh… due to motor overheating? That should only happen if they (illegally) removed their PTCs.

What if the PTC was shorted?

I don’t know about that. I’ve just never seen a motor (not electronics, but motor) so much as smoke.

I’ve never seen a vex motor itself smoke, but I have seen smoke coming from the circuit board behind the motor.