Can Alliance and Skill robot be same with different attachments and wheels?

The team is planning to use same robot but different attachments for Vexiq Alliance and skills matches . Is it possible to have different motor configuration max to 6 and backarm for Alliance and Skills games ?

Pls confirm if this is possible and what changes are allowed between these formats on the same robot?
Thanks for your insights and feedback.

Yes. The robot must be inspected in both comfigurations and be ruled legal in both.

Be sure you read and understand the details of rule R1. You can swap out subsystem 3, but not subsystem 1 and/or 2.


I think the wording allows you to swap parts of subsystem 1 and 2 but not the entire system as stated here:
‘Thus, if you are swapping out an entire sub-system of either item 1 or 2, you have now created a second Robot and are no longer legal.‘
Changing attachments is something of a specialty for our team so we did it all the time. Plus, the judges love it!