Can any part of a robot go over the wall?

I was wondering if any part of a robot can be directly over the wall in starstruck…

<SG8> Robots may not intentionally grasp, grapple or attach to any Field Elements.
<SG6> Robots may not make contact with the foam tiles in their own Zones. (i.e. Robots may not contact the Zones across the fence from their Alliance Station)

Nothing about reaching over or through the fence, as long as you don’t attach to it or touch the opposing tiles. But ask in the official Q&A if you think you really need an official ruling…

Please don’t, actually. The Q&A gets extremely cluttered and Karthik has enough to sort through. Sorry for being a bit curt - I don’t know how to say this any more politely.

I agree with you. It’s quite clear that you can go over the wall. This has never been disallowed and there are no rules against it. Pretty clear.

K thanks guys

It actually has been said that it is completely legal to go OVER the fence, just not under or through the fence. It’s legit, I promise.

Thats not true as well.

It is legal to over, under and in between the fence. You are not supposed to touch the tiles at the other side thats all.

I second this. Meng is correct as far as I know. It would be appreciated if people were more careful about declaring “rules” of the game when they haven’t fully inspected the rule book. Honestly, the rules this year are quite straightforward. It’s not like last year with all of the ambiguity of hanging zones, loading zones, horizontal expansion, vertical expansion, etc. Very simple rules this year.

So can I make some sort of bar that pushes all the stars in the near scoring zone to that back scoring zone on their side? like through the fence?

yup. Just make sure not to touch the tiles on the other side of the fence.

I know, but its nice to have official ruling, in case a referee might call you out on it. It is not likely, but there have been similar cases in previous year’s game. Its nice to have official ruling from Karthik, rather than just having player interpretation.

I think the rule in question, <SG6>, is unambiguous enough that you don’t need to ask for an official ruling. Unlike NbN, the protected zone’s boundary is not a plane, so the airspace above the protected zone is not protected. It’s a lot like the starting tile placement: you can be over a gray tile, but you can’t touch it.

Edit: Too late, it made it in the Q&A. That’s fine, but I’m expecting a response along the lines of “We ask you to read the game manual before posting.”

In Karthik’s post about the guidelines for the starstruck Q and A, he said to read over the rules before posting. By reading over the rulebook, we can clearly see that there is no rule against going over the fence, or about going through the fence.

Yup, I genuinely feel bad for Karthik every time I see a question asked that is clearly stated in the manual. He even made a post a few days ago when the Q&A opened that asked very clearly to search the manual before asking questions.

Below is Karthik’s polite way of begging us to not ask questions that do not need to be asked:

Then again, there are a few questions in the Q and A forum that have been answered multiple times by forum users, and are fairly clear if the game manual is read through. They will most likely be met with the same response.

Yeah, and that’s fine, but we really should keep it to a minimum. Also, Vex Forum staff, here’s an idea: give Karthik a button to reply with a scripted response. Providing detail (e.g. which rule or a link to a previously answered Q&WA) in that automated response would be extremely difficult, but maybe that same button moves the thread to a public channel in the hopes that the community will provide an answer.