Can any part of our robot stick out of the field?

I was wondering if during the time where you’re trying to hang, if it was legal for certain parts of your robot to stick out of the field? I didn’t see anything in the rules but I might have missed it or misunderstood a separate rule that was linked to it.

In the past there has never been anything that prevents you from hanging over the field wall as long as it doesn’t pose a safety risk. Should be legal.

Just don’t latch on to the field wall. You should be fine. Full expansion capabilities this year!

I’ve wondered about this - especially how it relates to the preloads and driver controlled loads. This is what the rules say about preloads:

<SG2> Prior to the start of each Match, each Robot must use its one (1) Star available as a Preload. A Star is considered to be legally preloaded if it is touching the Robot, not touching any other grey foam tiles, and is fully within the field perimeter. (See figures 8 & 9) If a Robot is not present for their Match, their Star will be placed randomly on their Alliance Starting Tile.

This is what the rules say about driver control loads:

<SG4> Each Alliance must introduce its Driver Control Load during the Match. The Driver Control Load must be entered into the field with between thirty seconds (0:30) and zero seconds (0:00) remaining in the Match. Driver Control Loads must be either gently placed on a Robot of your own color touching the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile or gently entered into the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile, by a Student Drive Team Member. The intent of this rule is to allow teams to introduce Cubes into play, but not to impart energy on the Cubes which will cause it to end up in a position outside the Alliance Starting Tile. It is expected that teams may momentarily break the plane of the field while legally introducing Driver Control Loads. Teams should be very mindful of <S1> during this process.

So, it looks to me that driver control loads can be introduced outside of the playing field - but preloads must be entirely within the field. What does everyone else think?

I would assume that it is fine, most likely, people’s robots will have to go out a little bit, but, I cannot be to sure. I looked around in the book and couldn’t find anything to informational about this question.
We have the ability to fully expand this year.

It Should be fine as long you are not touching the field perimeter and it does not fall if it has a risk of doing so the ref may ask you not to hang until it is safe for you to do so. Otherwise, They should be expecting robots to hang outside of the field.

There is no rule against touching the field perimeter.