Can anyone explain this picture of spots to nationals? I don't really get it

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If your country/region is allocated 1 spot to worlds, then it will be given to the excellence award winner.

If your country/region is allocated 3 spots to worlds, then it will be given to the excellence award winner and the 2 tournament champions.

And you just keep going on….


Then how do you know how much spots your country is allocated to ?

The number of world spots for your region is based on the number of teams. The REC Foundation releases a Qualifying Criteria document each year.

Here is a link to the Qualifying Criteria for the 2021-22 season.

I am in Michigan, USA and we have 14 High School VRC Spots. So the regional event will be giving out 14 world advancing awards and based on the chart it includes all awards down to semi-finalists.


They will be released with the 1st update to the qualifying criteria in September. They are released during this time as a lot of teams don’t get registered until the school year starts. There will also be an additional update in January to allocate more spots to regions with more growth after the September update.


The updated qualifying criteria with spot allocations to event regions won’t be out until later in September


Keep in mind that last season was really really unusual because so many other countries’ spots were given to US teams because of travel restrictions in other countries. Do not expect to get anywhere near the same number of worlds spots as least season.


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