Can anyone link to a video with good China style intake?

I have not been able to find a video with a clear image of a China style intake on a Trayvon. If anyone could leave a link to one that kind of shows the intake in a clear picture so I can figure out how it works, that would be great!
Thanks in advance.

If you type in “Chinese middle school finals VEX “ or “Chinese High School VEX” in the YouTube search bar, you can find some videos

But you might not be able to get a clear picture as the videos focus on the whole match and not just one robot
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You don’t really need an image or anything, It’s basically you just put a 60 tooth gear on a 100rpm motor that drives another 60 tooth (or whatever gear size you want) gear which drives a 36 tooth gear. the first gear and last gear have 24t sprockets mounted on them via standoffs usually, and the last gear usually has longer stand-offs so the sprocket is close to the first sprocket but below it. I know your intention is probably not to just copy one but you’ll learn more if you figure out how to build one without looking at anything.